Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's Here!

Well, digitally anyway.

I posted a brief summary of the Chicago Odense Ensemble project a couple of weeks ago.  Finally, the masters have been sent off and albums should be sent out around the middle of February according to  However, being that I pre-ordered I received a digital copy as an unexpected and very pleasant surprise.  Check their site out and order a copy.  You'll get the digital download right away.  I'm hoping to get to listen to it thoroughly today, and will give a more detailed review later.  My brief listen yesterday reminded by of some 70's era Miles Davis' recordings.  I'm excited. 

I'm also in the process of listening to the Tortoise and Isotope 217, who are both represented in the Chicago Odense Ensemble.  I'll let you know how that goes.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Showroom of Compassion

Cake has always been a guilty pleasure of mine.  I've quietly enjoyed their music for years.  And now, Cake has put out a new one!  Showroom of Compassion is their first studio album in six years.

Overall, Showroom of Compassion is a good album.  All the classic elements of Cake are represented within.  The cool trumpet lines, the super groovy bass tracks, the catchy guitar licks, and McCrea's signature vocals are all showcased in Showroom. 

The single, "Sick of You," is a pretty catchy song, but I've been really enjoying track 2, "Long Time."  McCrea succeeds in making me smile with his lyrics and the trumpet section in this song is cooler than the underside of your pillow.